Welcome to the Troop!  We're excited to have you here. Radnor Troop 284 has been an important historical Main Line community presence for over 100 years, preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling the Scout Oath and Law.  We're a very active Troop that enjoys camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling and canoeing among many other scouting activities. The families that make up the troop are very supportive of the scouts in the program. Below is some information to help get you started on your scouting journey with us!

Troop Activities
  • The Troop is active from early September through the beginning of June and during the last two weeks of July when we have our Summer Camp.  The Troop Calendar is a great resource that you can reference often for updates.
  • Most weekends, the Troop meets for a couple of hours starting at 8:30am at the historic one-room schoolhouse we affectionately refer to as The Cabin at the corner of Darby-Paoli Road and Godfrey Lane in Newtown Square.  
  • For safety reasons, please DO NOT drop off scouts directly on Darby-Paoli Road. Either park on Godfrey or Lawrence Lane and walk up to the cabin.  If you're dropping off your scout and not parking, use Lawrence Lane - enter and turn around in the cul-de-sac at the end of the street and drop off scouts as you leave Lawrence Lane.
  • About once a month, we go on either a day hike/bike or a two day camping trip and spend a good amount of time working on rank advancement and merit badges.
  • Occasionally, we will also have optional field trips and merit badge activities that scouts can participate in.
Uniforms and Equipment
  • We believe it's important for the scouts to dress appropriately in the proper uniform for all meetings and trips.  It teaches the scouts preparation and self-discipline while also presenting ourselves as a united troop when we interact with the community.
  • There are some donated second-hand shirts, pants, belts and hiking boots at the cabin that you can use.  We recommend you check there before purchasing items at the Scout Shop.  We also recommend you donate items as your scout outgrows them so future scouts can benefit from them as well.  Donations are particularly important as the Scout Store is currently experiencing logistical issues resulting in low supplies, including uniforms. 
  • You can refer to the Uniform Guide on our website for details.
  • Our website has a personal packing list that you can use as a guideline to determine what equipment to bring on a camping trip or day hike. 
  • Additionally, scouts will want to be sure to bring their Scout Handbook (available at the Scout Shop) to all meetings and some trips as a reference and to record progress towards rank advancement.
  • While all adult leaders are supportive of a scout's journey and we want to see them succeed, scouts are ultimately responsible for their own progress, whether it's merit badge work (e.g. cooking), rank advancement or communicating with others.
  • Scouts should initiate and handle communications themselves, preferably using their own email address (while including their parents or another adult leader in the conversation for youth protection purposes).
  • The troop is very welcoming and if your scout has friends you think might want to get involved in scouting, please feel free to bring them along to one of our meetings to see if it interests them.
If you have any questions, feel free to email anytime or speak with uniformed adult leaders at a meeting. Detailed information about the Troop including advancement can be found in the Troop Guide. We look forward to meeting you!
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