Radnor 284 has a longstanding tradition of having no dues, which means there's absolutely no charge to be a scout in our troop!

To generate funds that support our activities, we hold the Radnor 284 Annual Wreath Sale, a running tradition of the Main Line for over 60 years.

The wreath sale supports:

  • Weekly Meetings
  • Monthly Camping Trips
  • Summer Camps (Lake George, The Adirondacks, Resica Falls, Western PA, Maine, etc.)
  • Maintaining and Purchasing New Patrol Equipment
  • Merit Badge Session Costs
  • Plus lots of other fun activities!

The wreath sale is also is a great way to represent our troop in the community.  

Many of our neighbors look forward to seeing our scouts in full uniform and proudly displaying a wreath on their door or window, showing their support for us.

Some information about our wreaths...

  • Our wreaths are handcrafted from freshly picked balsam tips from the woods of Maine and Canada
  • The wreaths are 24" and the cost is $25
  • Our website, radnorwreath.com can be used for virtual wreaths/donations and special local deliveries.
  • Larger 60" wreaths are available by special order and are delivered directly to your house.

Sales typically begin in late October and continue through early December

Initial deliveries will begin just prior to Thanksgiving and you should have your wreath no later than the week after Thanksgiving

Email wreaths@radnorwreath.com if you would like a wreath. We'll get back to you right away!

Thank you for your continued support!

- Radnor Troop 284

Reference Documents for Scouts:

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