Uniform Requirements

The Scouting program in America has always included uniforms for its members and volunteers to identify members and show they are part of the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts and leaders should wear their uniforms to all troop meetings, camping trips and scout outings.  

Class A: The tan and green Scouts BSA uniform is a well-known symbol of American scouting. All scouts in the program wear the same uniform with the major differences being the badges each scout has earned and a troop-specific neckerchief.

Class B: Most scout troops also have an activity uniform which is often a t-shirt customized just for the troop. Activity uniforms are worn for work projects, sporting activities, and other events in which the dress uniform might get damaged.

Uniform Item
Class A
Class B

/ Red Radnor Shirt

Long or Short Sleeve
Long Sleeve (rolled up) or Short Sleeve

Forest Green (not Cub Scout navy)

Standard Issue (Plain Red) or Limited Edition Custom "284 Est. 1920" Issue
Slide / Woggle

Metal*, Standard Issue Gold Woggle or Specialty Woggle (hand-made)
Web Belt or Philmont Leather
Pant Legs AttachedPant Legs Removed
Hiking Boots (no sneakers, Crocs or open toed shoes)

* Official Scouts BSA Issue uniform item.

Insignia and Patches


The official Boy Scout Knife shown at Scoutstuff.org is a good choice. Other knives are available, but this one offers multiple tools and will last you your entire scouting career (part #24081 or 24080). Under no circumstances should your knife blade be longer than 2.5 inches. Any knife longer than this will be confiscated and only returned to a parent. If the knife shows up again it will be confiscated and not returned.

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